Why is Evolon® eco-friendly?

Why is Evolon® eco-friendly?

Why is Evolon® eco-friendly?

Evolon® is eco-friendly for several reasons: in production on the one hand and in use on the other.

Why is Evolon® environmentally friendly?

Evolon® is environmentally friendly for several reasons: both in production and in use.


No harmful substances

Evolon® is PVC-free, no binders or impregnating agents such as polyvinyl alcohol, acrylate binders or epoxy resin are used, as is usual, and solvents such as caustic soda or alkali are not used at all. That's why Evolon® is also Oeko-Tex 100, Class 1 certified, so it is also suitable for babies.

Another aspect is also important: Since the microfilaments are infinitely long fibres, there are hardly any lint that is dissolved out by machine washing, for example, and which pollutes our waters as microplastics.


Evolon® saves water

For the production of Evolon®, an exceptional process was developed that uses 400 times less water than the production of cotton fabrics requires.

By the way: The water used for the production of Evolon® is recycled. This cycle is ISO 5000 certified - Evolon® has even won a prize for it: The Eco-Trophée du Parc Naturel Régional des Ballons des Vosges.


Reuse instead of throwing away

Evolon® is naturally characterised by its reusability. Instead of throwing make-up remover cloths or pads in the trash, Evolon® is easy to wash because it is very hard-wearing and durable. It also takes up five times less space in the machine than an ordinary terry towel. This means you can save even more on water and energy consumption and do not pollute the environment or your wallet.


This makes the production and use of Evolon® particularly safe and environmentally friendly:

  • > no use of binding or impregnating agents such as polyvinyl alcohol, acrylate binders or epoxy resin
  • > no use of solvents such as caustic soda or alkali solution
  • > 400 times less water consumption than in the production of cotton
  • > infinitely long fibres (hardly any lint separation)
  • > particularly hard-wearing and durable
  • > Evolon® is 200 times finer than a human hair and 5-10 times finer than other microfibers
  • > incomparable cleaning performance, even after intensive use
  • > Evolon® is certified according to Öko-Tex 1000, class 1 (suitable for babies)


Please also read our guideline for the safety of silver ionisation>>


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