Instructions for use for the nu:ju cleansing cloth

How to use the nu:ju microfiber facial cleansing cloths properly

The handball players Franziska Müller, Gordana Mitrovic and Adriana Cardoso de Castro of the HSG Blomberg-Lippe (1st Handball Bundesliga) show us in 5 simple steps how to use the nu:ju® microfibre cleansing cloth correctly. 

Step 1

First of all, moisten the microfiber face cloth thoroughly with 38° Celsius warm water - let the water into the sink. 

Schritt 1: Abschminktuch nass machen!

Step 2

Slightly wring out the microfiber face cloth and wipe it over the face with light to medium pressure from the bottom to the top. Please do not rub or grind too much. Repeat this step as long as the makeup is completely removed, and no new traces are visible in the cloth. 

Auswringen und sorgfältig über das Gesicht wischen! 

Step 3

To remove the eye makeup, press the highly moistened microfiber cloth onto the eyes for at least 10 seconds. Hurried people take a small amount of coconut oil and gently apply it on the eyes.
Das feuchte Tuch andrücken!

Step 4:

Then remove the eye makeup by a gently dabbing and wiping movement, as with a blotter. 

Tupfen und sanft wischen!


Step 5:

As a last step wash out the microfiber face cloth with warm water, in case of heavy contamination likely with a little bit of soap.

Wipe out the microfiber facial cleansing cloths thoroughly, hang up to dry and you're done! 

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