One towel for everything?

One towel for everything? The big hygiene mistake

One towel for everything? The big hygiene mistake

Towels are breeding places for germs and bacteria. How often should I change my towel? Is it useful to use a towel for every different part of the body?

One towel for everything? The big hygiene mistake

Towels are the perfect breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. This is because the filth, bacteria, and dead skin cells get stuck in the fibres. If the towel does not get the chance to dry quickly after use, dangerous germs and bacteria rapidly form.

It would be best to use different towels for different parts of the body - one for the hands, one for the body, and one for the face. That way, you can prevent for example that facial skin comes into contact with faecal bacteria.


How often should I replace my towel?

If asked how often a towel should be changed, the opinions differ. After every use, or after a week? Scientists say that towels can best be replaced after every third use. If the towel is hanged out to dry after washing hands or showering, the build-up of germs will be decreased.

In case of a family of four, this means that there is a lot of washing to do. My suggestion: since the nu:ju cleansing cloth is equipped silver ions, which prevents the setting of germs and bacteria, just wring out the cloth after use very well, and wipe the face with it. Then leave it to dry. This will save an extra towel, which should otherwise be used for hygienic reasons.




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