D LIGHT FLUID | Excellent UV protection and first-class care in one 50 ml

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Excellent UV protection and first-class skin care in one: Daycare with SPF25, gentle, high-quality moisturiser as well as an AHA complex. Contains: 50 ml...Extended product information

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HighDroxy D LIGHT FLUID | 50 ml

Highly effective broad-spectrum sun protection | Light and yet nourishing formula | Gentle exfoliation by a special AHA complex


This daycare is a real multi-talent. It combines a highly efficient broad-spectrum sun protection with particularly high-quality care substances and a genuine innovation: Progressive fruit acids are released to the skin over the whole day with the result of a continuous improvement of the skin appearance, with optimal tolerability. The conclusion: The skin is adequately protected against sun damage and optimally nourished. At the same time, the skin image improves visibly: the skin is smoother and more radiant, the pores are cleared and refined, pigment spots are alleviated. The skin appears to be significantly tapered. 


Latest generation of sunlight protection filters: Tinosorb® S, M and A2B


Adequate sun protection has long been regarded as the anti-ageing measurement number 1. It is therefore essential to find a sunlight protection that can be easily integrated into the daily care routine. The D Light Fluid from HighDroxy uses a complex of ultra-modern Tinosorb filters, which offer a reliable broadband protection, with the best compatibility and without the interfering odour that is attached to many chemical light protection filters. The proportionate protection against UVA rays is unusually high by a factor of 15 and exceeds the requirements for the UVA seal.


The rejuvenation of fruit acids: Progressive AHA  


The treatment of the skin surface with conventional fruit acids is one of the most effective methods of skin renewal. The problem: depending on skin type and concentration of fruit acids, the application can irritate the skin (stinging, burning, peeling of the skin) or cause micro-inflammation. The progressive AHA complex in the D Light Fluid uses an entirely new and innovative system for the release of fruit acids. The characteristics of the previous dosages are achieved, while the incompatibilities are overcome. It is made possible by the lamellar gel structure into which the fruit acids are incorporated. This gel behaves on the skin surface similar to an infusion bag, which releases the fruit acids step by step over the day. This type of particularly gentle release is unique and a real breakthrough in fruit acid therapy.


Instructions for use

After facial cleansing, apply the fluid carefully and evenly onto the face. Do not forget the neck and ears! To achieve LSF25 2.5 pump strokes are required for the entire face. If you are using a sunscreen, avoid sunbathing during lunchtime and observe our tips and instructions for an appropriate light protection in everyday life and holidays (in the package insert).


At a glance


  • Improved formulation: No whiteness and lighter application
  • Highly effective broad-spectrum sun protection
  • Gentle exfoliation by unique AHA fruit acid
  • Suitable for all skin types (even for sensitive and problem skin)
  • Made in Germany
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Free of silicone, mineral oil, alcohol, paraben or perfume



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