HighDroxy D-FENCE 50 | Booster with antioxidants and SPF 50 30 ml

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HighDroxy D-FENCE 50 is an effective skin care booster with antioxidants and SPF 50 that protects your skin fully against external environmental influences, strengthens its barrier and soothes irritations and redness. Content: 30 ml...Extended product information

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HighDroxy D-FENCE 50 | 30 ml

Ultra-light texture | Flexible as a booster or can be used on its own | For protected and silky skin

Vegan | No alcohol | No perfume | No silicone | No mineral oil | No parabens

Thanks to its liquid, silky light formulation, HighDroxy D-FENCE 50 can either be used on its own or added to daycare.  It absorbs quickly without leaving a shiny film on the skin and is suitable for all skin types (follow instructions for use).
  • The mix of 3 highly compatible organic UV filters forms a broadband protection with a sun protection factor of up to 50. The proportion of UVA protection is above average and corresponds to a factor of 32.
  • The highly dosed magnolia extract is many times more effective than vitamin E. It combats inflammatory processes and reduces skin impurities and redness.
  • DEFENSIL®-PLUS improves the skin condition, stabilizes the skin barrier and counteracts premature skin ageing.


Instructions for use 

HighDroxy D-FENCE 50 is suitable for dry, normal and combination skin. For oily skin, we recommend using it as a booster, mixed with oil-free care such as HYDRO SPRAY or HYDRO GEL.

As a booster:
  • D-FENCE 50 can be mixed with creams and fluids as well as oil-free gels to enrich them with antioxidant properties and UV protection.
  • The amount of product added to the D-FENCE 50 influences the UV protection performance of the D-FENCE 50.
  • For full UV protection, use D-FENCE 50 pure as an independent care step. Depending on the size of your face, you should apply at least 10-12 drops. This corresponds to a full pump stroke of the pressure pipette (30 ml version). If you include ears, neck and neck, please increase the amount accordingly.
  • If you reduce the application quantity, the UV protection will be slightly disproportionately reduced compared to the advertised factor. With half the above-mentioned recommendation, you will achieve an SPF of approx. 20.
  • Water-based serums, sprays, toners and gels should be applied before D-FENCE 50, followed by creams.


At a glance

  • Light protection factor 50: Best UV protection, without whitening at all
  • Magnolia Extract: AOX-Power & Antibacterial Effect
  • DEFENSIL®-PLUS: Soothed skin & protection against "Inflamm-Aging
  • Suitable for all skin types (even for sensitive and problem skin)
  • Made in Germany
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Free of silicone, mineral oil, alcohol, paraben or perfume


Ingredients (INCI):

CAPRYLIC / CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE (Neutralöl ist ein reizfreies, oxidativ stabiles und hochspreitendes Öl, das ideal für reizarme Rezepturen geeignet ist), ISOAMYL LAURATE (Esteröl; glättet die Haut und macht sie geschmeidig), BIS-ETHYLHEXYLOXYPHENOL METHOXYPHENYL TRIAZINE (Tinosorb S ist ein organischer UV-Filter, der vor UVA- und UVB-Strahlung schützt), DIETHYLAMINOHYDROXYBENZOYL HEXYL BENZOATE (Organischer UV-Filter, der vor UVA-Strahlung schützt und als unbedenklich gilt), UNDECANE (Undecane ist in der von uns verwendeten Form ein 100% mineralölfreies & abbaubares synthetisches Pflegeöl; es macht die Haut schön geschmeidig), TRIDECANE (Tridecane ist in der von uns verwendeten Form ein 100% mineralölfreies & abbaubares synthetisches Pflegeöl; es macht die Haut schön geschmeidig), DIETHYLHEXYL BUTAMIDO TRIAZONE (OrganischerUV-Filter, der vor UVA- und UVB-Strahlung schützt und als unbedenklich gilt), MAGNOLIA OFFICINALIS BARK EXTRACT (Extrakt aus der Rinde des Magnolienbaums; hat entzündungshemmende, antibakterielle und antioxidative Eigenschaften und verlangsamt somit die Hautalterung), HIPPOPHAE RHAMNOIDES FRUIT EXTRACT (Sanddorn-Extrakt wirkt entzündungshemmend und regenenierend), ROSMARINUS OFFICIALES LEAF EXTRACT (Extrakt aus Rosmarinblättern; stark antioxidativ wirksam, wird in dieser Formulierung eingesetzt um die pflanzlichen Öle zu stabilisieren), OCTYLDODECANOL (Octyldodecanol ist ein Fettalkohol mit glättender und pflegender (weil rückfettender) Wirkung), RIBES NIGRUM (BLACK CURRANT) SEED OIL (Johannisbeersamenöl hat eine regenerierende, entzündungshemmende und pflegende Wirkung), HELIANTHUS ANNUUS SEED OIL UNSAPONFIABLES (Der unverseifbare Anteil des Sonnenblumenöls wird als Emolliens eingesetzt; die Haut wird dadurch weich und geschmeidig), CARDIOSPERMUM HALIACACABUM FLOWER/LEEF/VINE EXTRACT (Ballonrebenextrakt wirkt stark entzündungshemmend, gegen Hautrötungen und Juckreiz und beruhigt die Haut), TOCOPHEROL (Vitamin E hat eine stark antioxidative Wirkung, da es freie Radikale bindet und Oxidationsprozesse verlangsamt), HELIANTHUS ANNUUS SEED OIL (Sonnenblumenöl ist ein leichtes Pflegeöl und Wirkstoffträger)

Content: HighDroxy D-FENCE 50 30 ml

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